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Banks in Piedmont

There is little information on the city center and even less on the American Trust Company bank. The Piedmont Post has published in 1928, Albert Farr added the American Trust Bank building to the original three stores in 1913. I haven't found a lot of information of the building of the addition.


American Trust Company Bank, 344 Highland Ave.


Farr’s building would fondly be called “The Stores.”

Oakland Tribune - Fri - Oct._ 24, 1941:

E. M. Becker Wins Bank Promotion
American Trust Company today announced the appointment of E. M Becker as assistant vice-president Becker has been identified with the bank's Eastbay offices since 1919, and for the past four years has been manager of their Fortieth- Piedmont office. He will assume his new duties about November 1 at the bank's Broadway office.

Becker will be succeeded as manager of the Fortieth-Piedmont office by John B. Pierpont, who has been manager of the Piedmont Highland office since 1939. Pierpont, in turn will be succeeded by Byron E Lewis, who has been identified with the bank's Marina office in San Francisco

The Sacramento Bee - Thu - Jun. 16, 1988:


William P. Kleinsorge
Private services are pending for retired banker William Philip Kleinsorge, who died Monday in a local hospital after a two-year illness,


Mr. Kleinsorge, 70, had worked 25 years for the American Trust Co., which later was merged with Wells Fargo Bank. He retired in 1965 as manager of supplies for all of Wells Fargo's branch offices in Northern California.


Oakland Tribune - Sat - Aug. 25, 1928


Oakland Tribune - Mon - Aug. 4, 1930


Oakland Tribune - Wed - Jul. 14, 1971

Wells Fargo, July 1, 1971


Wells Fargo eventually raised the rents of the the stores tenants in 1969, which made most of them go out of business. Their plan was to construct a new building that was only their bank.

In 1970, Wells Fargo Bank demolished the 1913 Albert Farr Commercial Center and built the new bank and commercial center. Today, the Wells Fargo Bank building houses a branch of the bank, a realty office, a barber shop, and office space upstairs.


Oakland Tribune - Sun - Oct. 3, 1971

370 Highland Avenue, 
"Wells Fargo Bank Bldg"


A small office building behind the bank was the Alexander Allen realty office and later the Robert F. Atkinson realty company. 


Oakland Tribune - Mon - Jan. 8, 1973

333 Highland Avenue, 
"First Federal Savings Bank"

Oakland Tribune - Tues - Jan. 4, 1972

333 Highland Avenue, 
"First Federal Savings Bank"

In 1973, according to a Tribune ad on Jan 2, 1973 it was renamed to "West Coast Federal Savings"

In 1991, the SF Examiner on July 7 has a wanted ad for "Glendale Federal Bank" at the same 333 location.

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