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Barber Shop

There is not a lot of information on Piedmont's one barber shop at 348 Highland Avenue except for a few newspapers, an alumni's postings and a book mentioning it. 

According to the article about the 1934 waterfront strike it mentions Piedmont's only barbershop and an article in 1917 saying there was a barber in Piedmont for many years on Highland Avenue and then eventually one on Grand Avenue.

An alumni from 1963 posted this description of the barber shop:

There was an alley to the left of the bank with a barber shop pole mounted there indicating to go behind the stores to the old Key System #10 streetcar right of way that also had a truck alley. That is where you would find the barber shop and a real estate office. Harold Hill started cutting hair there in the 1940’s. He was joined in 1962 by his son-in-law, Dennis Miller and Harold later retired in 1970 when the stores were demolished.


The new commercial building still has the barber shop, Chaparral in the rear on Highland Way. Dennis’ daughter Sam, a PHS 1977 Alumni, joined him later and they are still turning out perfect haircuts! Dennis rescued the old barber pole and it is displayed in his Piedmont home.


Sonoma West Times and News

- Sat - Feb. 3, 1917

"He was in business as a barber in Piedmont for many years"

Piedmont - Mercantile - 348 Highland barber shop.jpeg

Clipping was from PPD archives but the newspaper version is different than that on


Sonoma West Times and News -

Sat - Mar. 10, 1917

strike - Reno_Gazette_Journal_Fri__Jul_20__1934_.jpg

 Reno Gazette Journal - Fri - Jul. 20, 1934

Dennis Miller & Sam (Sharon) at the original barber shop in 1968 .jpeg

Dennis Miller & Sam (Sharon) at the original barber shop in 1968 from a PHS Alumni Board

mercantile another hair place.jpeg
mercantile another hair place_edited.jpg

Lester's Hair Styling at 1335 Grand Ave. in Piedmont

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