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WWI Memorial

As the United States entered World War I in 1917, Piedmont’s men were called to serve. Seven Piedmont men died in World War I. Albert Farr designed their memorial made of marble. It was originally placed in the grove of redwood trees to the east of the commercial center where it was the site of Memorial Day observances, but has since been moved to the entrance of the Veterans’ Building.

Egbert William Beach (110 Sunnyside Ave)
Henry Augustus Butters
Otto Julius Carlsen
Hunter McClure
Frank Jay Field
Thomas Edward Graves
Carl Castlemayne Jones


Oakland Tribune - Sun - Apr. 17, 1921


Oakland Tribune - Wed - Nov. 2, 1921

Past and present of Alameda County, California by Baker, Joseph Eugene, 1847-1914

Publication date 1914:

Soon after the war commenced the Red Cross Society of Alameda County was organized at Oakland. At the first meeting $2,000 was raised or pledged. On May 26th, $1,000 was sent to the Kansas soldiers. On July 2d the Oakland council appropriated $100 for the Red Cross service. By the middle of August the Red Cross Society had raised a total of $15,000 for the soldiers, of which $6,991 was cash and the balance mostly supplies. In July the Red Cross tent at the camp was in charge of Mrs. C. J. Martin. At all times the volunteers were well treated by the society and generally by the ladies of this whole community who brought or sent them flowers, fruit and delicacies and otherwise tried to soften the rigors of camp life. No sooner had Camp Barrett been occupied than the Christian Commission erected there a large tent where religious services could be attended by the volunteers. Later the Red Cross Society secured the old Howe house in Piedmont and converted it into a convalescent hospital for the soldiers. Several score of sick men were cared for at this necessary institution. In a short time Camp Barrett became unsanitary as it did not have suitable drainage, and the soldiers were obliged to leave that vicinity and pitch their tents elsewhere; all moved to a position across the track of the Laundry Farm road.​


Honor Roll:

World War I

Egbert Williams Beach • Henry Augustus Butters • Otto Julius Carlsen • Frank Jay Field • Thomas Edward Graves • Carl Castlemayne Jones • Hunter McClure

World War II

George David Anderson • John R. Anderson, Jr. • James M. Aver • Joseph G. Baker • John A. Beidman, Jr. • Geary Bundshu • Estiban B. Calbite • Thomas W. Carlson • Arthur Chamberlin, Jr. • Winslow K. Chase • William H. Chickering II • William A. Cluthe • Gordon H. Craig • Joseph DeGraftenreid • Theodore R. Doe • Jack M. Emery • John D. Fay • James Curtis Fisher • Kenneth A. Flinn • Leonard W. Franklin • Theodore Gregory • James H. Hall • Stuart M. Hawley, Jr. • Bruce A. Jackson • A. Karl Kempkey • Robert D. Durkjian • William Bruce Lyon • Hall MacBride • Robert Meltzer • Roger Mortensen • Thomas G. Murphey • John J. Niosi • Frank L. Pollard, Jr. • Guy L. Putnam, Jr. • Preston Richardson • Robert H. Rutley • Alexander H. Small • John A. Soens • Theodore Sweetland • Lawrence C. Taylor • Lawrence S. Timpson, Jr. • Frederick M. Van Horn • James Wainwright, Jr. • John Thomas Wallace • David C. Waybur • Otis Whitney • William G. Windeler • Jean Witter, Jr. • Theodore Wittschen, Jr.


Bruce Landsdell Hawley • Calvin K. Penberthy • Robert Roy Williams


Thomas J. Steimer • Kendal W. Thompson • Chris C. Vurlumis


Oakland Tribune - Fri - May 8, 1959

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