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Hampton Field


Piedmont Sports Field (Hampton Field)

Piedmont Sports Field is used for organized baseball, children's football, and soccer. The park also has two tennis courts, backboard, volleyball court, and 6 basketball hoops. A children's play structure and sand area are conveniently located a few feet away from the tennis courts. A new building was constructed in 2000 to house children's programs at the field. It is utilized by both the Piedmont Cooperative Playschool and the city Recreation Department.

Oakland Tribune - Tues - Dec. 18, 1956:

The Board of Education today prepared an option agreement under which it may buy two lots adjoining a proposed new elementary school site at Hampton Road and LaSalle Ave.

Offer to sell the property came from Harry R. Gibson Jr., who told the board by letter he plans an 11-lot subdivision near the school which is being held up by the city council until school needs are determined. 

The proposed school site would be on the property already owned by the Board of Education, but construction is being held up pending repairs to the Tyson Lake Dam, now considered unsafe, located directly above the land.

Still looking for the history of Hampton Field, if anyone has any please feel free to send it to me. Thanks!

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