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A site dedicated to some of the history of Piedmont, California.

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The Bourgeoisie Bohemians who ran footloose in the Piedmont foothills with the intoxicating golden Crowd. George Sterling (poet) and his wife Carrie, Herman "Jim" Whitaker (author), Ambrose Bierce (author), Richard Partington (art) and his wife Blanche, Joseph Noel (journalist and author), Joaquin Miller (poet), Arnold Genthe (photographer) and the hosts, Jack London (author) and Xavier "Marty" Martinez (painter).

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Almost 100 years ago Piedmont (along with the majority of the Bay Area) had racially restricted homes, a KKK Police Chief, bombs and mobs as the city forced Sidney Dearing, our city's first black home owner, to leave his home.

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." 
Marcus Garvey

Today our City is recognizing him and formally apologizing for our past citizens' atrocious behaviors.


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