Coming soon - The History of Homes in the Piedmont Hills

I've started the long process of going through the history of the homes in Piedmont, the architects, the neighborhoods and historical information on some of the homeowners here. The highly publicized grandiose homes will be featured but so will the other homes that aren't always talked about starting in the early 1800s when Don Luis Peralta owned 14,330 acres of land on the east side of San Francisco Bay to the squatters in the mid 1800s and finally the 1930s when the majority of the lots in Piedmont had been divided.

The blog will be continuously updated, even some posts after they have been updated and more history has been found.

Alameda Daily Argus - Fri - Sep. 23, 1892

Alameda Daily Argus - Tue - Jan. 31, 1911