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New Photos and More Updates Coming Soon

Updated: Jan 17

Next year there will be an influx of new photos, documents, maps and other historical information added to this site. I was incredibly lucky to be paired with someone who had an amazing collection of history. Many photos that have never been published of Piedmont and Oakland in the late 1800s and 1900s.

Some examples of the new photographs are the original Oakland Avenue Bridge, A Mon Chateau, the triangle park at Nova and Wildwood, a car on the Wildwood Avenue split, a clearer picture of Mark Twain at Piedmont Springs with a date on the picture that looks like 1874(?), and a picture of Sulfur Springs in Piedmont from the Amy Requa Long Mitten collection.

I'm excited to be apart of such a cool project and look forward to helping publish all the information for everyone to share for free. Quite a few things will need the community's help identifying the homes here in Oakland and Piedmont so we will be publishing a link to it all after we finish organizing. Probably around the end of next year or 2024. And then after that the Piedmont pictures will be added into this website.


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