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1928-1929: THE History of Piedmont book (HoP)

Oakland Tribune - Sunday Jan. 22, 1928

Unearthing the history of Piedmont poses a challenge, given the limited availability of written resources on the subject. Some of the existing books either concentrate solely on the architecture of homes, such as "Cottages & Castles: The Centennial Houses of the City of Piedmont" by Ann Swift and Donna Buttlaire (I highly recommend this book and Piedmont City Hall sells it), or seem to center around a specific population, as evident in "Queen of the Hills."

The aim of this site is to freely share and preserve history without any membership fees or barriers. It's easily accessible, funded and managed on my own, dedicated to bringing history to you. The impact of the Dearing Family's story finally sparked a newfound enthusiasm for learning about Piedmont's history. For the first time in a long time, citizens of all ages in Piedmont experienced a surge of energy and vigor about our history. High schoolers organized multiple assemblies, national articles were written about our history, and a memorial park is now set to be named in honor of the Dearing family.

I've transcribed a majority of this History of Piedmont book and will be posting the chapters in the following blog posts. I have not gone through and fact checked all of the facts listed but this is an insight into 1928-1929's idea of California and Piedmont history.


Students Compile

History of Piedmont

PIEDMONT, Jan. 21.-Students of the Piedmont High school have compiled a history and civics text book covering the city of Piedmont and its government, and will use the volume as a permanent part of their course of study.

Sanford Siegrist, instructor, aided the students in their work. The social science department of the Piedmont High school, under the direction of C. B.

Johnson, is collecting autographed photographs of famous leaders in world politics.


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