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History of Piedmont (HoP): California and East Bay Cities - California History #2

California and East Bay Cities - California History


California and the Last Bay Cities are known throughout the entire United States for the development that has taken place within the last twenty years. As citizens residing within this district of the Last Bay it is very fitting that we should have a clearer knowledge of the history of this State, its social undertakings, the governmental side, and then the most important of all, its scholastic organizations, and the methods employed. In order to further fit you for the leaders in the state undertakings in the coming generation.


Through the combined efforts of the Civics classes, under the guidance of Miss Fuselman, we have endeavored to bring together, chapter by chapter, knowledge that is of a practical value to any citizen living within the boundaries of this Last Bay district.


Keeping in a systematic as well as a chronological order, the first step is, "the History of California," which deals with the first Spanish Pioneers that settled here, and the

Missionaries for which California is so well known, the History of California as a State, is developed first, and then the local history, such as of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley are related.


Throughout the entire project there is the idea to tell of California as a whole state, then bring it down to the cities around us and finally getting to the local development of our own city of Piedmont. The History of Piedmont is told in the chapter preceding the California History. The next Some facts have been obtained that prove interesting and educational to the person who is reading this work. There is one utility, however, that can be classed in a chapter by itself, so a section of this so called book has been devoted to the explaining of the importance of the water supply by our local company, the Bast Bay Municipal Water Company.


The life of a city depends on the financial backing it has, taxation is the source of money supply, and in this chapter the methods used for an efficient system of taxation are brought out.


The next step is the one of schools in our community and county. There are so many private schools within our county that some of the advantages and qualities in having private institutions have been explained in this division. We now drop to our own local system of schools, and the elementary schools there are defined in the chapter on "Piedmont's Elementary Schools."


The next chapter is of a great deal of importance because it deals with our own High School, of which we are all so proud.


It is explained in this chapter and tells just why this maximum of efficiency is maintained in our school. The Student Participations of Piedmont High School are closely allied to the chapter which proceeds(sp) it, because in our Participations we have the back bone of the school life.


Naturally our social organizations would follow behind the Participations. The organizations have been brought out as a group, in our school life. The organizations outside of school (a page is missing and will be added...)


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